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+ For questions about our CSA, support for current CSA members, delivery concerns, farmers' markets, and wholesale inquiries, please contact Claire:



+ For billing concerns and job opportunities, please contact Monica:


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Our Team



This is Chris Covelli. Farm owner, operator, and manager since Tomato Mountain started in 1993, Chris has worked relentlessly for over twenty years to bring fresh produce to Southern Wisconsin and North Eastern Illinois. Inspired by Yvon Chouinard's business practices at Patagonia and supported by the work of countless friends and coworkers, Chris continues to bring sustainable business practices and conscientious stewardship to Tomato Mountain Farm.


FEEDING 9 BILLION PEOPLE: The Future Of Food, National Geographic


Jerry is pretty much an angel and we can't believe our lucky stars that he works with us. He keeps the farm running by doing everything from managing everybody to fixing machines to laying down drip tape. Jerry is so brilliant he once built a pallet system for a big corporation and they patented it and sold it for millions of dollars! He lives nearby with his partner Jane and his very well-trained dogs.


Claire takes care of all things CSA, wholesale, markets, memberships and marketing. Claire is an ex-art dealer, writer, and beauty enthusiast. She lives in an Edgar Miller apartment in Chicago with her dog Emil. She loves helping people, spending time with her family, with art and in nature, and, of course, eating good food.



Lucas Von Der Linden helps manage the greenhouse- seeding, propagation, transplanting, and maintaining environmental factors. Lucas studied plant biology in college and spent several months living in Australia studying tropical ecology. He lives on the farm so you will usually see him selling peppers and lavender with Chris at the Madison Farmers Market.


This is Mike, he works at the farm and lives in Madison. His positive attitude and commitment to being present and focused has really made a huge difference for us. He's interested in the intersection between farming and psychology and how farming can help people heal. 



Virginia is one of our newest farmers' market team members. She lives in Chicago at a Social Justice housing cooperative and can be usually found at the Andersonville and Oak Park markets. She has a background in Chemistry and Environmental Justice and spends her spare time volunteering and enjoying the lakefront trail.



Karolina has been with us for almost a year now, you can generally find her at the 61st street farmers' market, helping Claire out at Green City Market, or doing pickups for the CSA. Lina is a constant reminder for all of us that life is great. She lives in Chicago with her husband Christmas and two pups.