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While many factors play into the quantity we'll harvest of any given crop, these are the crops we're planting and when we expect to be harvesting them. Click on the name of the crop to get more details, pictures and recipes for that crop.

Click the name of the crop to see some preparation tips and recipes.

Crop Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Arugula        x        x    
Asian Greens        x     x x x  
Beets             x x
Broccoli              x   x x    
Cabbage               x x x
Carrots x  x  x           x x
Chard        x     x x  
Chinese Cabbage                   x x  
Collards                  x x  
Eggplant              x  x      
Fennel                 x x    
Garlic x           x x x
Garlic Scapes            x            
Herbs         x  x  x  x x x  x
Kale       x x     x x x
Kohlrabi            x          
Leeks                     x x
Lettuce        x  x x x x  
Onions x            x  x x x
 Peas (Snap Peas)            x x          
Peppers (Sweet)              x x      
Peppers (Hot)               x x      
Radishes               x x x
Rutabaga  x                 x x
Cucumber            x  x        
Scallions         x  x          
Mesclun           x x  
Spinach  x x  x x           x x x
Tomatillos               x x      
Tomatoes            x x x x    
Turnips (Sweet)       x x         x x x
Whole Roasted Tomatoes x x x                x  x
Winter Squash  x  x  x  x         x x x
Zucchini             x x        

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