Tomato Mountain Farm

Crop Calendar


Here are some crops we and the farmers we work with grow, and when we generally expect to be harvesting. These days, we focus on the crops we're best at, and work with farmers we know and love to provide the most variety in your box as we can. Click the name of the crop to see some preparation tips and recipes.


Crop Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Arugula        x        x    
Asian Greens        x     x x x  
Beets             x x
Broccoli              x   x x    
Cabbage               x x x
Carrots x  x  x           x x
Chard        x     x x  
Chinese Cabbage                   x x  
Collards                  x x  
Eggplant              x  x      
Fennel                 x x    
Garlic x           x x x
Garlic Scapes            x            
Herbs         x  x  x  x x x  x
Kale       x x     x x x
Kohlrabi            x          
Leeks                     x x
Lettuce        x  x x x x  
Onions x            x  x x x
 Peas (Snap Peas)            x x          
Peppers (Sweet)              x x      
Peppers (Hot)               x x      
Radishes               x x x
Rutabaga  x                 x x
Cucumber            x  x        
Scallions         x  x          
Mesclun           x x  
Spinach  x x  x x           x x x
Tomatillos               x x      
Tomatoes            x x x x    
Turnips (Sweet)       x x         x x x
Whole Roasted Tomatoes x x x                x  x
Winter Squash  x  x  x  x         x x x
Zucchini             x x