Tomato Mountain Farm

About our CSA

From the farm to your doorstep.
Welcome to your subscription for high quality food. We call it a CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. What that means is that you commit to getting your produce from us, and we commit to giving you the best produce ever.
Your subscription allows us to be the best planners, and therefore the best farmers we can be. In return, you receive a weekly box - also known as a "share" - of the most fresh, and in-season produce available, delivered to your doorstep.
The contents of your box will vary every week, and you can always add to your weekly box with our selection of a la carte produce, dairy, and pantry items we've sourced from farmers we trust.   



What's in the box?

The contents of your weekly share will vary with the seasons. During the spring we'll have lots of greens, in the summer we'll have the best tomatoes you'll ever have, fruits and greens, and as it gets colder we'll have some heartier veggies like beets, winter squash, potatoes, crunchy carrots and super sweet spinach. 

This is the Midwest, so we’ll never have tomatoes in April, or melons in November. That said, we do our best to extend the seasons with over an acre of hoop houses, to offer as many unique specialties as possible, and continue to grow our relationships with farmers we trust to include a variety of produce in your boxes, as well.
One thing is for sure: we grow the best tomatoes and watermelons you’ll ever have. We care about the land. We care about the food we grow, and we care about the food you eat.
Check out our crop calendar.


4 different box sizes.

To choose the right share size, it's important to be realistic about your eating habits. Share values increase by 50% with each size.

Hate onions? Never want a rutabaga in your box? Just be sure let us know on your sign-up form, or shoot us an email, and we'll be sure to substitute.




example of a solo, small, medium and large share


A solo share is about right for one person who eats at home a good amount of the time, and who eats vegetables most days, or a couple who eats out sometimes and cooks sometimes. 


Small shares suit a dedicated vegetarian, who eats at home most of the time, or a couple who eats at home some of the time. 


Medium shares are great for small families, and dedicated veggie enthusiast couples.


A large share is perfect for a bigger family, or a small family of vegetarians.



We're flexible.

Traditionally, a CSA requires you pay by the year. We know that's not always possible, so we offer 3 different payment options. Same price, same schedule, same value.


Monthly Membership

 Monthly Members receive a full year of fresh produce, divided into 12 equal, recurring payments.

 solo $88/month  |  small $117.62/month  |  medium $162.17  |  large $228.92  

Annual Membership

Annual Members receive a full year of fresh produce.

solo $1056/yr  |  small $1412  |  medium $1946  |  large $2747 

Seasonal Membership

Seasonal members sign on for a season at a time. Opt in for any season at any time, your membership will be prorated.


Our year is 43 weeks long. Spring and fall are 12 weeks, summer is 13 weeks, and winter is 6 weeks. Winter deliveries are bi-weekly, and all other deliveries happen weekly. Some adjustments are made for holidays, please reference our delivery calendar, below. 



Learn more about how we break down your membership costs.  




How do deliveries work?

We deliver to most of Chicagoland, and divide our deliveries into 3 different zones. You can determine your delivery zone using the zone map. Zone C deliveries incur an additional fee. If you live in Zone C, please be sure to select Zone C as your special delivery option.

Zone A

Zone A (majority of Chicago) is delivered between 8PM and 5AM, Wednesday night through Thursday morning. 

Zone B

Zones B (just outside of Chicago) is delivered between 8PM and 5AM, Thursday night through Friday morning. 

Zone C

Zone C (surrounding suburbs), is delivered between 8PM and 5AM, Thursday night through Friday morning. Zone C incurs an additional fee, if you live in Zone C, please select this as a delivery extra. 


If you live in Zone A, and some parts of Zone B, you can opt for Primetime delivery, which ensures your delivery will arrive between 3PM and 10PM on Thursday evenings. If you'd like Primetime delivery, please select this as a delivery extra on the sign-up page. 

If we need further instruction from you regarding your delivery, we will let you know.



The Real Talk.  
Participating in a CSA is a commitment to eating well, with the seasons. A CSA is a lot like buying a new bike or gym membership. In each case, you still need to do the work. In our case, you'll need to cook! We'll do our best to send you recipes for how we use our produce and lots of tips and techniques for making all sorts of easy, super healthy, crazy good meals. 
What if I'll be out of town?
No problem! With a reasonable amount of notice (2 weeks is good), we are happy to refund the week you'll need to miss. We refund 95% of your box, so that we are able to cover our maintenance and processing fees.
On a short notice, please let us know if you'd like to give your box to a neighbor, or we will happily donate it to a nearby food pantry, just be sure to let us know.
Our Farmers' Pantry.
We offer a la carte produce, dairy and pantry items, not just from our farm, but from farmers we know and trust. That's right, your membership supports a plethora of local agriculture! Simply login to your account and add any items you need, and we'll deliver them with your weekly box.
We've got organic eggs, grass fed cheeses, honey, maple syrup, sunflower oil, mushrooms, seasonal fruit, grains, and we're adding to our inventory every day. Want us to carry something? Just let us know!
 We farm year-round.
With 22 hoop houses that cover over an acre, we provide high quality crops over a longer season. These hoops enable us to grow and harvest the best spinach you’ve ever had in winter, plentiful greens from early spring through late fall, and some of the sweetest and most flavorful tomatoes you'll find. Hoop houses allow us to more reliably produce the most flavorful, high quality food year round by providing protection from severe cold/thunderstorms and excessive moisture.  
 We've got a fully stacked processing kitchen.
To fully utilize our bountiful summer harvests, we have a processing kitchen in which we roast and preserve tomatoes, peppers, and winter squash. We jar our whole roasted tomatoes, and we vacuum pack/freeze roasted butternut squash and fire roasted peppers, all of which find their way into late fall and winter boxes.  
We'll send you all the recipes.
There's a huge index of all the recipes we've provided over the years on our site, and we'll send you more each week when you get your weekly "Sneak Peek" email that details the contents of your upcoming share. Our CSA manager Claire thinks cooking is like poem, we're constantly experimenting and coming up with fun, easy ways to eat up your veggies. 
We'll keep you posted.
Each week we'll send you a sneak peak about your next delivery, and a newsletter to accompany your box. We hope this helps to keep you posted on the nitty-gritty of how the farm works, and helps you to both know where your food is coming from, and plan your future meals. 
We are super committed to transparency. We're not holding back, and it's likely that a look inside our farm will surprise you from time to time. Written by Chris, the farmer/owner, our newsletter is a bit of a sounding board, used to express and process what’s going on at the farm. You’re sure to get an unedited version of the problems we’re working through, and we're super available to answer any and all questions you might have.