Tomato Mountain Farm

Membership Costs


What it costs  

A solo share's worth of produce is valued at $16/week during the spring, summer, and fall seasons, and $20/week during the winter season. Each share size up is 1.5 times the amount of the produce/cost. 

Base delivery is an additional $8, special deliveries (Primetime and Zone C), are $12. 

Our CSA year is 43 weeks. Our winter season is 6 weeks, our spring and fall seasons are 12 weeks, and our summer season is 13 weeks. We determine all seasonal and yearly memberships by multiplying the cost of the week by the amount of weeks in the season or year. 

For monthly sustaining memberships, we divide a yearly membership by 12 to determine your monthly payment rate. In the event you need to cancel before your 43 weeks have reconciled, and we have not provided you the full value of the produce due to you, we are happy to reconcile your accounts.



Here's a visual representation for a monthly membership, solo share, with basic delivery costs:



produce for 37 weeks spring/summer/fall, 6 weeks of winter



delivery costs


=$1056 / 12 months

43 weeks and delivery costs, divided into 12 month payments








Feel like that's a lot for delivery? 

Listen, we have no need to tell you how much it costs to deliver things, we could simply tag it on to the "cost" of your produce, but we prefer to be honest about it. The reality is that every product you purchase—whether a television or a lamp or a CSA—has transportation costs associated with it. The share price includes everything it takes to get the produce into your box—including seeds, soil amendments, and labor for planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, washing, and packing. We attribute a specific value to each crop based on those factors, and strive to meet or exceed the stated value of each size share based on our given value. We figure a standard $8 delivery fee for overnight deliveries, which includes everything it takes to get the box from the farm to your home; first, getting it from the farm to a central distribution area, then driving it to your home. This includes “non-farm” costs like vehicles, fuel, and drivers for both trips. In fact, at least $3 of the delivery fee would be included in your price even if we did a different type of pickup system. 


Want your delivery to be cheaper? Invite your friends to become a member! The more people we serve, the more farmers we can support, and the less it will cost to deliver.