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Our 2018 CSA Season

Exciting changes, same great produce!

What's new

New Sustaining membership option

♦  Our new Monthly Sustaining membership offers flat monthly payments for 42 deliveries each year. We take the value for the full year, then divide it by 12 to give you a flat monthly rate, withdrawn automatically each month. 

♦  We also offer a Semiannual Sustaining membership, where you make automatic payments on a semiannual basis (every 6 months); you'll receive one of your boxes free of charge.

♦  We still offer our season-by-season options; contact us if you would like to set up seasons beyond what's currently listed on the website. You can always switch between Monthly and Seasonal signups -- just let us know.

♦  Sign up and pay upfront for the Full Year option to receive a discount of about 4.75%.

♦  Eggs, Primetime delivery, and Zone C delivery are all available for additional charges. 

♦  See our 2018 delivery calendar.

♦ Check out our pricing breakdown to read more about how we arrived at our prices, and to see a full chart of membership options and prices. 

Delivery days will be as follows:

Zone A: Overnight Wednesday into Thursday morning (you'll get your box Thursday morning)
Primetime: Thursday evening
Zones B & C: Overnight Thursday into Friday morning (you'll get your box Friday morning)

What's the same

♦   4 size options

♦  Same Delivery Zones, with standard overnight delivery

♦  Options for Primetime delivery if the overnight deliveries don't work for you.

♦  Egg shares

♦  Our great produce -- we keep learning more every year!  

Share Sizes

♦  Solo Share ~ 1 or 2 people

♦  Small Share ~ 1 to 3 people

♦  Medium Share ~ 3 to 5 people 

♦  Large Share ~ 4 to 6 people (or sharing households)

Delivery Zones and Rates

We now have 3 zones for our morning deliveries, with an option for evening deliveries for two of the zones. (See our map here.)

     ♦  Zone A
         ♦ Central Chicago, bounded by Peterson (N), Laramie (W), and I-55[S]
         ♦ Deliveries are in the early morning hours of Thursday morning.
         ♦ Option for primetime Thursday evening delivery.

     ♦  Zone B
         ♦ Edges of Chicago and near burbs, including Hyde Park, Oak Park, most of Evanston. 
         ♦ Deliveries are in the early morning hours of Friday morning
         ♦ Option for primetime Thursday evening delivery if you live in certain areas (Bridgeport, Hyde Park).
         ♦ All primetime deliveries are on Thursday evening, even if your standard day is Friday

     ♦   Zone C
         ♦ All surrounding suburbs, out to our delivery boundaries. 
         ♦ Friday morning deliveries only (no Primetime delivery available)

Egg Shares

PLEASE NOTE: Eggs should be refrigerated; please plan to have a cooler with an ice pack available to receive your eggs.

We're proud to offer certified organic brown eggs from New Century Farm, Shullsburg, WI, a family farm operated by Mary & Dean Dickel and their two children, Megan & Ben. Read more about their farm (including how Dean roasts the chicken feed grains by hand) at their Facebook page.

Shares can be ordered via the CSA signup process, either via the season-to-season signup or for an additional monthly price; if you prefer to buy eggs on an as-needed basis, just visit our online store. 


Checkout and Payment process

Initial checkout will be handled by our web host, Small Farm Central. For Monthly & Semiannual sustainers, monthly and semiannual payments will be processed by Chargebee. After you enter your information, your payments will be withdrawn automatically unless you request cancellation or your card expires (at which point we'll get in touch).

Working with these different services allows us to provide you with these different payment options while providing you with the security of knowing your information is in professional hands. We'll be in touch at each step along the way to ensure clarity, and to answer any questions that come up. 

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