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To choose the right share size, you need to be realistic about your eating habits. One dedicated vegetarian, who eats at home most of the time, will probably find a solo share too small. However, a solo share is about right for one person who eats at home most of the time, and who eats vegetables most days. We value the produce in a solo box at $16. Share values increase 50% with each larger size, so $24 for a small, $36 for a medium, and $54 for a large.

Photos illustrate the relative sizes of the shares. These photos were taken during the summer, but the content will vary throughout the year. That week the share included: basil, carrots, eggplant, onions, garlic, purslane, green peppers, roma tomatoes, and small-fruit tomatoes. 

Prices include delivery for Zones A  (most of Chicago and close suburbs). There's an extra charge for delivery to Zone C or for our special Primetime. 

Solo Share | ~$24 per week
Solo Share | ~$24 per week

1-2 adults, includes delivery to Zone A/B

A solo share is about right for one person who eats at home most of the time, and who eats vegetables most days or two lighter, veggie eaters.

About 2/3 the size of the Small share. 

Small Share | ~$32 per week
Small Share | ~$32 per week

1-3 adults, includes delivery to Zone A/B

Great for couples or small households. A single vegetarian might find it the right size as well. 

Medium Share | ~$44 per week
Medium Share | ~$44 per week

2-4 adults, includes delivery to Zone A/B

This will be a good size for a veggie-loving couple or small family. 

Large Share | ~$62 per week
Large Share | ~$62 per week

3-6 adults, includes delivery to Zone A/B

For larger families and households or for sharing by two households.

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See our Memership Types page for information aboutoptions, prices, and signup details. All Shares include delivery for Zone A __________________________ Annual 43 Weeks 1 week free Solo$1,008.00 Small$1,344.00 Medium$1,848.00 Large$2,604.00 Extras for Annual Members Prime Time Delivery$168.00 Zone C Delivery$168.00 Single egg share$204.25 __________________________ Winter Season 6 Weeks (Jan-March) Delivery every other week Solo$168.00 Small$228.00 Medium$318.00 Large$453.00 Extras for Winter season Prime Time Delivery$24.00 Zone C Delivery$24.00 Single egg share$28.50 __________________________ Spring or Fall 12 Week seasons Solo$288.00 Small$384.00 Medium$528.00 Large$744.00 Extras for a 12 week season Prime Time Delivery$48.00 Zone C Delivery$48.00 Single Egg Share$57.00 Summer Season13 weeks Solo$312.00 Small$416.00 Meduium$572.00 Large$806.00 Extras for 13 week season Prime Time Delivery$52.00 Zone C Delivery$52.00 Single egg share$61.75

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