Tomato Mountain Farm

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Black Spanish Radishes
1lb ($4.00)
2lbs ($7.00)
Blueberry Preserves from Joe’s Blues
Lavender Lime ($8.00)
  A Touch of Honey (Sold Out)
  “No Sugar” (Sold Out)
2lbs ($5.00)
1lb ($3.00)
Cheese from J2K Capraio
Frosty Echo (ripened goat milk with vegetable ash), 1/2lb ($12.00)
J2K Capraio BlankSlate (cow milk tomme semi firm cream raw cow milk cheese), 1/3lb ($8.00)
J2K Capraio Walkertomme (goat and cow milk semi firm, raw milk cheese), 1/3lb ($8.00)
J2K Capraio BlueGold (cave aged blue), 1/3lb ($8.00)
Frosty Cremosa (ripened cow milk with vegetable ash), 1/2lb ($12.00)
Chèvre, 8oz ($8.00)
Farmhouse Feta, 8oz ($8.00)
Old French Feta, 8oz ($8.00)
Cheese from McCluskey Brothers
Pepper Jack, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Monterey Jack, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Mild Cheddar, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Sharp Cheddar, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Cheddar with Tomato Basil, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Butterkaese, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Chocolate bars from Tuanis
Sea Salt & Cacao Nibs ($7.00)
Almonds & Coconut Sugar ($7.00)
Dark Chocolate ($7.00)
2 dozen ($13.50)
1 dozen ($6.90)
Frozen Fire Roasted Peppers
Sweet, 1 1/2lb ($12.00)
Hot, 1lb ($8.00)
Frozen Meats from Finn's Ranch
Assorted Beef & Pork, 5lbs ($68.00)
Assorted Pork, 5lbs ($54.00)
Assorted Beef, 5lbs ($83.00)
Grains from Brian Severson Farms
Hard Red Spring Sifted (Pastry) Flour, 2.5lbs ($6.75)
  Hard Red Spring Whole Wheat Flour, 2.5lbs (Sold Out)
  All Purpose Wheat Flour, 2.5lbs (Sold Out)
  Soft Red Spring Whole Wheat Flour, 2.5lbs (Sold Out)
  Rolled Oats, 1lb (Sold Out)
Hard Red Spring Berries, 1.5lbs ($3.00)
Soft Red Wheat Berries, 1.5lbs ($3.00)
  Blue Hopi Cornmeal, 1lb (Sold Out)
  2lb (Sold Out)
  1lb (Sold Out)
Kombucha from Arize
Palo Santo ($6.00)
Ginger Sasparilla ($6.00)
Raspberry ($6.00)
Tumeric Ginger ($6.00)
Elderberry ($6.00)
Ginger Mint ($6.00)
Maple Sugar from Chicago Maple
Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, 8oz ($15.00)
Maple Syrup, 32oz ($23.00)
Rum Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, 8oz ($15.00)
2lbs ($26.00)
1lb ($15.00)
Maple Syrup
Sold Out
Mushrooms from River Valley Ranch
Portobellas, 1lb ($5.50)
Shiitake, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Crimini, 1/2lb ($3.00)
Oil and Vinegar from Saffi Foods
Dark Balsamic Vinegar, 8oz ($8.00)
Apple Cider Vinegar, 8oz ($6.00)
Non GMO Canola oil ($6.00)
Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, 8oz ($11.00)
Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive Oil, 8oz ($10.00)
Preserves from River Valley Ranch
Spinach and Artichoke Dip ($8.00)
Garlic Pickled Mushrooms ($8.00)
Shroomschetta ($8.00)
Cherry Bomb Hot Sauce ($8.00)
Five Cheese Garlic Spread ($12.00)
Pineapple Salsa ($8.00)
Purple Daikon
5lbs ($15.00)
3lbs ($11.00)
2lbs ($8.00)
1lb ($4.00)
Raw Vinegar
Raw Vinegar, aronia berry ($20.00)
Raw Vinegar, habanero ($15.00)
Raw Vinegar, plain ($15.00)
Red Beets
5lbs ($12.50)
3lbs ($8.00)
1lb ($3.00)
5lbs ($10.00)
3lbs ($8.00)
1lb ($3.33)
Salami from Underground Meats
Tuscan Salami, 6oz ($13.00)
Summer Sausage, 10oz ($12.00)
Wisco Old Fashioned, 2oz ($6.00)
Saucisson Sec, 2oz ($6.00)
Calabrian 3-way, 2oz ($6.00)
Black Garlic, 2oz ($6.00)
Soppressata, 6oz ($13.00)
Salsa from our farm
Habanero ($8.00)
Fire Roasted ($8.00)
Chipotle ($8.00)
Roasted Tomatillo ($8.00)
Garden Tomato ($8.00)
Soap from Salvation Soaps
Lavender Rosemary Eucalyptus ($8.00)
Lemon Poppyseed ($8.00)
Tea Tree Charcoal ($8.00)
Lavender Lemongrass ($8.00)
3 soaps ($20.00)
Spices from LeMaster Family Kitchen
Tosa ($8.00)
South of France ($8.00)
Backyard Blend ($8.00)
Rub It Right ($10.00)
2lbs ($24.00)
1lb ($13.00)
1/2lb ($7.00)
3lbs ($33.00)
Sprout Salads
Mixed Bean, 6oz ($4.00)
Spring Salad, 6oz ($4.00)
Sprout Salad, 6oz ($4.00)
Radish Sprouts, 4oz ($4.00)
Broccoli Sprouts, 2oz ($4.00)
Onion Sprouts, 2oz ($5.00)
Alfalfa Sprouts, 4oz ($4.00)
Red Clover Sprouts, 4oz ($4.00)
Sprouts, Organic
Alaskan Peas, 6oz ($4.00)
Sunflower Greens, 2oz ($4.00)
Snow Pea Shoots, 2oz ($4.00)
Lentil Sprouts, 6oz ($4.00)
Garbanzo Sprouts, 6oz ($4.00)
Tomatoes in Jars
Tomato Shallot Soup, 16oz ($8.00)
Whole Roasted Tomatoes, 32oz ($10.00)
Bloody Mary Mix, 16oz ($8.00)
1lb ($15.00)
1/2lb ($9.00)

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