Tomato Mountain Farm

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2lbs ($5.00)
1lb ($3.00)
Cheese from McCluskey Brothers
Monterey Jack, 1/2lb ($6.00)
  Sharp Cheddar, 1/2lb (Sold Out)
Mozzarella, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Butterkaese, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Chili Jam
Sold Out
Chocolate bars from Tuanis
  El Cafe (Sold Out)
Sea Salt & Cacao Nibs ($7.00)
Almonds & Coconut Sugar ($7.00)
Dark Chocolate ($7.00)
2 dozen ($13.50)
1 dozen ($6.90)
Grains from Brian Severson Farms
  Blue Hopi Cornmeal (Sold Out)
Oat Flour ($6.00)
All Purpose Wheat Flour, sifted ($6.00)
Soba Flour ($6.00)
Grains from Hazzard Free Farm
Polenta (Corn Meal), 1lb ($7.00)
Hard Red Spring Flour (Wheat), 1lb ($8.00)
Wheat Berries, 1lb ($8.00)
Old Fashioned Rolled Oats, 1lb ($8.50)
50/50 Bread Flour, 1lb ($7.00)
  2lb (Sold Out)
1lb ($10.00)
Maple Syrup
Sold Out
Mushrooms from River Valley Ranch
Portobellas, 1lb ($5.50)
Crimini, 1/2lb ($3.00)
Shiitake, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar from Soler Romero
  Balsamic Vinegar, 500ml (Sold Out)
  Picual EVOO, 500ml (Sold Out)
Preserves from River Valley Ranch
  Spinach and Artichoke Dip (Sold Out)
Garlic Pickled Mushrooms ($8.00)
  Shroomschetta (Sold Out)
Raw Vinegar
Raw Vinegar, aronia berry ($20.00)
Raw Vinegar, habanero ($15.00)
Raw Vinegar, plain ($15.00)
Red Onions
2lbs ($5.00)
1lb ($3.00)
Salami from Underground Meats
Tuscan Salami, 6oz ($13.00)
Calabrian 3-way, 2oz ($6.00)
Black Garlic, 2oz ($6.00)
Soppressata, 6oz ($13.00)
Spanish Chorizo ($6.00)
Summer Sausage, 10oz ($12.00)
Salsa from our farm
Garden Tomato ($8.00)
Habanero ($8.00)
Fire Roasted ($8.00)
Chipotle ($8.00)
Roasted Tomatillo ($8.00)
3lbs ($20.00)
1lb ($8.00)
Soap from Salvation Soaps
3 soaps ($20.00)
Lavender Rosemary Eucalyptus ($8.00)
Lemon Poppyseed ($8.00)
Tea Tree Charcoal ($8.00)
Lavender Lemongrass ($8.00)
Tomatoes in Jars
Whole Roasted Tomatoes, 32oz ($10.00)
Tomato Shallot Soup, 16oz ($8.00)
Bloody Mary Mix, 16oz ($8.00)
Tortillas from Gitto Farm
  8" Wheat (Sold Out)
  8" White (Sold Out)
  8" Spelt (Sold Out)

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