Tomato Mountain Farm

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1.5lbs ($6.00)
2lb bag ($5.00)
Celery Root
1.5lbs ($6.00)
Cheese from McCluskey Brothers
Pepper Jack, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Mozzarella ($6.00)
  Sharp Cheddar, 1/2lb (Sold Out)
Butter Kaese, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Meadow Cheese, 1/2lb ($7.50)
Mild Cheddar, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Monterey Jack, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Chocolate bars from Tuanis
Secret Silver Mint Bars, 1oz ($4.00)
Dark Chocolate ($7.00)
Almonds & Coconut Sugar ($7.00)
Sea Salt & Cacao Nibs ($7.00)
Coffee from Gaslight Roasters
Mejor Cafe del Cauca, 12oz ($16.50)
1 dozen ($6.90)
2 dozen ($13.50)
Ferments from Bushel and Pecks
Immunichi, 16oz ($9.00)
Kimchi, 16oz ($9.00)
Fermented Dill Pickles, 24oz ($12.00)
Flour from Brian Severson Farms
All Purpose Flour, 2.5lbs ($5.00)
Hard Red Spring Wheat, 2.5lbs ($5.00)
Hard Red Winter Wheat, 2.5lbs ($5.00)
Soft Red Winter Wheat, 2.5lbs ($5.00)
Grains from Brian Severson Farms
  Organic Blue Hopi Cornmeal, 1lbs (Sold Out)
  Rolled Oats, 2lbs (Sold Out)
  Organic White Corn Grits, 2lbs (Sold Out)
Organic Bloody Butcher Red Cornmeal, 2lbs ($7.00)
Granola from River Valley Ranch
Blueberry Cardamom ($7.00)
Berry Lovers Granola ($7.00)
Cranberry Pistachio Granola ($7.00)
Cherry Vanilla Bean Granola ($7.00)
Pumpkin Pecan Granola ($7.00)
Gretta's Goats Goat Milk Soap
Chai ($6.00)
Rosemary Mint ($6.00)
Sweet Orange ($6.00)
Tobacco ($6.00)
Tea Tree Eucalyptus ($6.00)
  Lemon & Basil (Sold Out)
Lavender ($6.00)
Grapefruit ($6.00)
2lb ($18.00)
1lb ($10.00)
Jam from Bushel & Pecks
Strawberry Rhubarb ($8.00)
Raspberry ($8.00)
Black Raspberry (limited, seasonal availability) ($8.00)
Rhubarb Ginger ($8.00)
Tomato Jam ($8.00)
Strawberry ($8.00)
Peach Raspberry ($8.00)
Maple Sugar & Syrup from Chicago Maple
Coffee Infused Maple Syrup ($15.00)
Maple Sugar, 1lb ($15.00)
Maple Syrup, 32oz ($23.00)
Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, 8oz ($15.00)
Rum Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, 8oz ($15.00)
Mushrooms from River Valley Ranch
Crimini, 1/2lb ($3.00)
Shiitake, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Portobellas, 1lb ($6.00)
Nut Butters from NutMeg's Spreads
Almond Butter ($10.00)
Cashew Butter ($10.00)
Peanut Butter ($8.00)
Pecan Butter ($10.00)
Pistachio Butter ($13.00)
Oil and Vinegar from Saffi Foods
Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive Oil, 8oz ($10.00)
Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, 8oz ($11.00)
Non GMO Canola oil ($6.00)
Apple Cider Vinegar, 8oz ($6.00)
Dark Balsamic Vinegar, 8oz ($8.00)
Preserves from River Valley Ranch
Mango Key Lime Salsa ($8.00)
  Five Cheese Garlic Spread (Sold Out)
Cherry Bomb Hot Sauce ($8.00)
  Spinach and Artichoke Dip (Sold Out)
Garlic Pickled Mushrooms ($8.00)
Shroomschetta ($8.00)
Red Beets
2 lbs ($6.00)
2lbs ($7.00)
Salami from Underground Meats
Spanish Chorizo, 2oz ($6.00)
Ghost Pepperoni ($13.00)
Black Garlic, 2oz ($6.00)
Calabrian 3-way, 2oz ($6.00)
Saucisson Sec, 2oz ($6.00)
Wisco Old Fashioned, 2oz ($6.00)
Tuscan Salami, 6oz ($13.00)
Summer Sausage, 10oz ($12.00)
Soppressata, 6oz ($13.00)
Salsa from our farm
Habanero ($8.00)
Garden Tomato ($8.00)
Roasted Tomatillo ($8.00)
Chipotle ($8.00)
Fire Roasted ($8.00)
Spicemode Artisan Indian Seasonings
Sweet Chilifire ($10.00)
Smoky Tandoor ($10.00)
Golden Curry ($10.00)
Savory Tikka ($10.00)
Hot Mirchi ($10.00)
Spices from LeMaster Family Kitchen
South of France ($8.00)
Tosa ($8.00)
Backyard Blend ($8.00)
Rub It Right ($10.00)
Tea from SenTeaMental Moods
Lemon Ginger Cooler (Black and white tea blend) ($10.00)
African Flowers (Roobios blend) ($10.00)
Water Colours (Fruit blend) ($10.00)
Classic Earl (Black tea blend) ($10.00)
After the Rain (Oolong tea blend) ($10.00)
Jasmine (Green tea blend) ($10.00)
Southern Comfort (Black tea blend) ($10.00)
Jump Over Puddles (Green tea blend) ($10.00)
Tofu from Phoenix Bean
  5 Spice Tofu, 8oz (Sold Out)
  Extra Firm Tofu, 14oz (Sold Out)
Extra Soft Tofu, 14.5oz ($3.50)
Tofu Noodles, 8oz ($4.50)
Tofu Salads from Phoenix Bean
Spicy Stir Fry Tofu Salad ($6.00)
  Asian Smoke Chili Tofu Salad (Sold Out)
Teriyaki Shiitake Tofu Salad ($6.00)
Chinese Red Peanut Tofu Salad ($6.00)
Tomatoes in Jars
Whole Roasted Tomatoes, 32oz ($10.00)
Tomato Shallot Soup, 16oz ($8.00)
Bloody Mary Mix, 16oz ($8.00)

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