Tomato Mountain Farm

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Cheese from McCluskey Brothers
Monterey Jack ($6.00)
Mild Cheddar, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Sharp Cheddar, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Mozzarella, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Butterkaese, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Chili Jam
Sold Out
Chocolate bars from Tuanis
  El Cafe (Sold Out)
  Sea Salt & Cacao Nibs (Sold Out)
Almonds & Coconut Sugar ($7.00)
  Dark Chocolate (Sold Out)
2 dozen ($13.50)
1 dozen ($6.90)
  2lb (Sold Out)
  1lb (Sold Out)
Mushrooms from River Valley Ranch
Portobellas, 1lb ($5.50)
Shiitake, 1/2lb ($6.00)
Crimini, 1/2lb ($3.00)
Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar from Soler Romero
  Balsamic Vinegar, 500ml (Sold Out)
  Picual EVOO, 500ml (Sold Out)
  5lbs (Sold Out)
3lbs ($6.00)
2lbs ($4.00)
Preserves from River Valley Ranch
  Shroomschetta (Sold Out)
  Spinach and Artichoke Dip (Sold Out)
Garlic Pickled Mushrooms ($8.00)
Raw Vinegar
Raw Vinegar, aronia berry ($20.00)
Raw Vinegar, habanero ($15.00)
Raw Vinegar, plain ($15.00)
Salami from Underground Meats
  Tuscan Salami, 6oz (Sold Out)
Calabrian 3-way, 2oz ($6.00)
Black Garlic, 2oz ($6.00)
Soppressata, 6oz ($13.00)
Summer Sausage, 10oz ($12.00)
  Spanish Chorizo (Sold Out)
Salsa from our farm
Garden Tomato ($8.00)
Roasted Tomatillo ($8.00)
Chipotle ($8.00)
Habanero ($8.00)
Fire Roasted ($8.00)
3lbs ($20.00)
1lb ($8.00)
Soap from Salvation Soaps
3 soaps ($20.00)
Lavender Rosemary Eucalyptus ($8.00)
Lemon Poppyseed ($8.00)
Tea Tree Charcoal ($8.00)
Lavender Lemongrass ($8.00)
  3lbs (Sold Out)
  2lbs (Sold Out)
  1lb (Sold Out)
1/2lb ($7.00)
Tomatoes in Jars
Bloody Mary Mix, 16oz ($8.00)
Tomato Shallot Soup, 16oz ($8.00)
Whole Roasted Tomatoes, 32oz ($10.00)
Yellow Onions
3lbs ($7.00)
2lbs ($5.00)
1lb ($2.50)

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