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Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

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These hearty chips are the best you'll ever taste! They're Blue Farm Chips from A-Maize-Ing Corn Products in Janesville, WI, about 30 minutes from Tomato Mountain. Produced by Randy & Judy Hughes and their son Willie, this is a classic example of doing one thing and doing it right. They grow only organic blue corn and make these wonderful chips for our enjoyment. We've recently switched to using these chips--certified organic and GMO-free--to sample our organic salsas at farmers markets, and thought you might enjoy them, too.

Growing organically is just the start of their sustainable practices. They've recently installed solar panels, which supply electricity for their plant as well as more for the grid. They've upgraded their heating, lighting, and irrigating systems to use all resources as efficiently as possible.


Producer: Blue Farm Chips, Janesville WI - Certified Organic
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