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Chocolate bars from Tuanis

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Tuanis buys beans directly from the farmers, and pays them a high premium for their incredibly unique Talamanca cacao beans. Their bars are 3-4 ingredients, and roasted and made into bars at The Plant in Chicago. All their products are made with organic ingredients, and some of them have no sugar and you'd never even know! It's some of the best quality chocolate we've ever had.



The bars are all 2.5oz, and 75% dark chocolate. 


Dark Chocolate ingredients: organic Cost Rican cacao Bean, organic sugar, and organic cacao butter.

Almonds & Coconut Sugar ingredients: organic Cost Rican cacao Bean, Coconut sugar, organic raw almonds, and organic cacao butter.

Sea Salt & Cacao Nibs ingredients: organic Cost Rican cacao Bean, sea salt, organic cacao nibs, and organic cacao butter.

El Cafe ingredients: organic Cost Rican cacao Bean, organic sugar, coffee beans, and organic cacao butter.


Producer: Tuanis Chocolate
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