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We love Gaslight Coffee and we're thrilled to partner with them to get you all some good beans. Here's what they've got for us right now!

Coffee for Peace in Colombia and Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia have partnered up to hold competitions in Colombia to give a  platform for producers to show their best coffees with the goal of securing significantly higher prices that they ordinarily would in the market. The top 10 coffees are auctioned off, and the rest of the finalists’ lots are blended together to make the Mejor Cafe del Cauca lot, which we are excited to offer to you. Coffee for Peace in Colombia is a coalition of coffee farmers, exporters, and importers to develop, facilitate, and promote the trade of traceable coffees from historically conflict-ridden zones. For years, the regions of Antioquia, Bolivar, Caqueta, Cauca, Meta, and Valle have been plagued with violence stemming from the production of illicit crops. Coffee for Peace in Colombia hopes that due to their targeted technical training in an effort to increase quality and yield, better access to the specialty market, and the resulting higher prices, more farmers in this area will return to coffee, a staple crop in Colombia for over 350 years. This is a nice, easy sipping coffee with notes of cocoa, walnut, raw sugar, and apple. It also makes a great espresso - very syrupy, cherry cola notes, and it holds up great to milk or other additions.
Region – Cauca
Varietals – Mixed
Process – Washed

Headed by Adolfo Henrique Vieira Ferreira, a 4th generation coffee farmer, Fazenda Passeio focuses not only on producing the best coffee they can, they invest in the local workforce by providing schooling, job training, and environmental education.  This coffee is exceptionally clean for a pulped natural — certainly the result of the extra care taken during the harvest and processing stages. Unlike many coffees from this region, Fazenda Passeio hand-picks and pulps the coffee the same day to avoid any possible over fermentation. The coffee is then dried partially on the patio and then finished by a mechanized drier before being rested for a 45-60 day period. After the rest they perform a final sort to weed out any defects. We are tasting things like blueberry, nougat, and red grape, and the cups changes noticeably as it cools becoming very sweet and complex with a well structured acidity.
Region – Minas Gerais
Varietals – Yellow Catuai, Mundo Novo, Acaia
Process – Pulped Natural
Producer: Gaslight Coffee Roasters
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