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Please Note: Most of Severson flours can not be used as a direct replacement in modern recipes. Their All Purpose and sifted HRW (Turkey Red) flours are the closest substitute for the all purpose white flour typically found in stores today. In most recipes (except for yeasted breads) they can be used as a substitute with minimal recipe alteration.

The extra bran and germ in these artisan flours (stone ground in a single pass) usually absorb more water and take longer to do so than white flour. The larger pieces of bran also act as a knife, cutting the gluten strands as they develop during kneading. For more information: click here.


Hard Red Winter (Turkey Red) Wheat is a good general purpose wheat. We use it for just about everything. Sifted.

Soft Red Winter (Pastry) Wheat is great for things like cookies or cakes. Organic. Sifted.

Hard Red Spring (Bread) Wheat has a bit of a strong taste to it and is usually used for making breads. Sifted.

All Purpose Flour is a blend of both SRW and HRS sifted flours. It is a general purpose flour. Sifted.



Producer: Brian Severson Farms
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