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Brian Severson Farms is a family farm that specializes in raising better tasting heirloom grains. They grow, harvest, clean, store and process these products on our farm. Stone milling is done in small batches, keeping their inventory at a minimum. Does it make a difference if the farmer and miller are the same person? We think so! These are truly seed to table grains.


Blue Hopi Cornmeal

The Blue Hopi listed here is an heirloom flour corn variety, NOT a dent or flint. The starch is mostly all soft, and is especially sweet. It makes a good, flavorful blue colored cornbread or grits. Because of its soft starch, it's only offered as a medium grind, which works well for both grits and baking in breads. It's a 600 year old open pollinated variety that came from the Hopi Indians of the American southwest. This grain is certified organic.


Soft Red Wheat Berries

This grain is transitional organic. It has a soft, nutty, chewy texture and is great in pilafs, porridge and breads.


Hard Red Wheat Berries

Tons of protein and great in salads. This product is transitional organic.


Hard Red Winter (HRW) Wheat Flour

Seversen's wheat is an old heirloom variety that made wheat the dominate crop in Kansas. It makes a good tasting flour for general purposes and can also be used to make yeast breads. It's taste is much milder than our HRS. It is included in the Slow Foods Ark of Taste and has a long and interesting history you can search/read about starting at the Mennonite Heritage and Agricultural Museum ( They brought seed here from Stephens Land & Cattle in Jennings Kansas (they think their seed originally came from Yoder, Kansas) and thought it grew well for them this year. 


All Purpose Flour

A blend of our sifted wheat flours. Still a high extraction flour with a tan/ light brown color


Pastry Flour (SRW) 

Seversen's SRW Flour is made from soft red winter (SRW) wheat is usually considered a pastry flour. It's made from the same type of wheat as WhiteLily brand flour, but ours is not as white or refined (still a high extraction flour). Brian's family uses this variety to make biscuits, pancakes, waffles, bread sticks, pizza crust, etc. It has the nutty flavor of whole wheat but not the bitter taste associated with some soft red varieties. The pastry flour is not suitable for yeast breads without added gluten. Wheat berries are the whole wheat kernels that were cleaned but not ground. They can be ground into flour in a mill, cooked whole and used as a salad or salad topping, eaten as a whole cereal, popped, etc. They raise a variety that had been sold by a local elevator and was popular with local farmers a while back. 


Hard Red Spring (HRS) Wheat Flour

Hard Red Spring (HRS) wheat makes some of the best bread flour in the world. Though Illinois is a little too far south and usually a little too wet to be considered an ideal environment for bread wheat, they've found a variety that is respectable when grown here. Even their sifted hard wheat flour has a substantial amount of bran and germ left in it, which allows the strong taste of this variety to come through. It's a good taste, and popular with some Europeans, but a bit overpowering for most Americans if used straight (especially whole wheat). Brian suggests cutting it with another type of flour because of its strong flavor for most applications.




Producer: Brian Severson Farms
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