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Brian Severson Farms is a family farm that specializes in raising better tasting heirloom grains. They grow, harvest, clean, store and process these products on our farm. Stone milling is done in small batches, keeping their inventory at a minimum. Does it make a difference if the farmer and miller are the same person? We think so! These are truly seed to table grains.

Sold in 1lb bags.


Blue Hopi Cornmeal

The Blue Hopi listed here is an heirloom flour corn variety, NOT a dent or flint. The starch is mostly all soft, and is especially sweet. It makes a good, flavorful blue colored cornbread or grits. Because of its soft starch, it's only offered as a medium grind, which works well for both grits and baking in breads. It's a 600 year old open pollinated variety that came from the Hopi Indians of the American southwest. This grain is certified organic.

Oat Flour

Oat flour has a find grind and is typically used for baking. Certified organic.


Soba (buckwheat) Flour

The buckwheat was grown using organic methods on ground in a three year transition to certified organic. The buckwheat seed consists of a light colored buckwheat groat contained within a black hull, which can be hard to separate when (or before its) ground into flour. Thus, buckwheat is commonly available as either dark (more traditional) and light buckwheat flour. The darker flour color is from the inclusion of bits of the black hull in the flour. The hull fragments are gritty and bitter, giving the darker traditional flours a more gritty and bitter taste. Severson's flour is a light flour. White enough it can be cooked with alone (straight), but still a few black hull specks to give it a traditional buckwheat taste. Soba flour is sifted and ground finer than our normal flour. Appropriate for making soba noodles.


All Purpose Wheat Flour

A blend of their Hard Red Spring and Heirloom Turkey Flour, this flour is sifted with a tan/ light brown color. This grain is transitional organic, meaning, the grains are grown with organic practices on land or processes that are not yet certified.


Producer: Brian Severson Farms
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