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Kombucha from Arize

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Our journey began over ten years ago, when ARIZE Founder Nathan Wyse started a popup juice bar to bring organic living beverages to festivals and parties in Chicago. Bringing juice to the people led to the discovery of kombucha, From home brewing with family and friends to being highly active in launching a sustainable food production facility in Chicago to producing and selling kombucha at local co-ops, food stores, and restaurants, ARIZE is an ever-evolving community business. We source ingredients from Fair Trade & Organic growers.

Producer: Arize Kombucha
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Ginger Sasparilla ($6.00)
Raspberry ($6.00)
Turmeric Ginger ($6.00)
Elderberry ($6.00)
Ginger Mint ($6.00)
Lemon Basil ($6.00)
Rhubarb ($6.00)
Orange Basil ($6.00)

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