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Kombucha from Arize

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Arize was started in Chicago by Nathan Wyse and continues to be one of our favorite kombuchas around. Arize Kombucha is not as sugary sweet as a lot of more widely distributed kombuchas and is definitely made with foodies and hard core palette snobs in mind. Sold individually and by the case, with a mix of Elderberry, Turmeric Ginger, Raspberry, and Ginger Sarsaparilla. 

Producer: Arize Kombucha
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Ginger Sasparilla ($6.00)
Raspberry ($6.00)
Turmeric Ginger ($6.00)
  Rhubarb (Sold Out)
Palo Santo ($6.00)
Ginger Mint ($6.00)
Elderberry ($6.00)

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