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Pets prefer wheatgrass to houseplants. Wheatgrass freshens your pet's breath, and, if eaten regularly, will aid in their digestion, and provide a full range of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Wheatgrass is rich in chlorophyll, which cleanses the blood, and will bring the shine out in your pet's fur. Use within 5-6 days!

Chicago Indoor Garden has been growing freshly sprouted beans, greens and grasses in the heart of Chicago since 1987. They are a certified organic family owned and operated urban farm currently located on the west side of Chicago. Their growing process is 100% pesticide free, and they only use the highest quality organic and non-gmo seed. They are proud to be Certified Organic, and are also currently working on their Non-GMO Certification. 

Producer: Chicago Indoor Garden - Certified Organic
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