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Raw Vinegar

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These vinegars are basically hand-pressed from her certified organic Asian pears - they're super smooth, super good for you, and you definitely will not find anything like this except at the Green City farmers' market, where you can also support her endeavors. 

It's taken Oriana many years to determine the kinds of Asian pear trees to grow - she has selected the most robust trees which make the best fruit and require no pesticides, fumigants, agrichemicals, waxes, ripening agents, or sprays of any kind. She also grows the habaneros and aronia berries. 

The vinegars themselves are fermented with wild yeast that is so sought after that people have brought their own batches over to her kitchen to ferment their own vinegar. The pears themselves are certified organic, but as it is almost impossible to certify your vinegar without killing your wild yeast, she has decided to keep this part of her process unchanged.

Producer: Oriana's Orchard & Nursery
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