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Salami from Underground Meats

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Established in 2009, Underground Meats of Madison, Wisconsin is proud to be a part of the vibrant history in the meat processing industry. Commitments to these traditions and techniques, combined with their proximity to the nation’s best pasture-raised and humanely treated heritage pigs and goats is the source of their inspiration and success! They're also one of our favorite neighbors at Green City. 


Black Garlic 

Black garlic and mushroom powder make for a fabulous kick. A house favorite.


Calabrian 3-way

Wisconsin-grown calabrian chillies, prepared three different ways, prepared with red wine.



Course ground for definition, this Italian staple is rich and satisfying and has a touch of red pepper, thyme and garlic.


Tuscan Salami

A classic, Italian style salami with notes of fennel, black pepper and red wine. 


Summer Sausage

A German-style, fermented and smoked sausage with hints of coriander, allspice and mustard seed. A best seller. 


Spanish Chorizo

A Spanish-style, dry-cured salami with hints of cayenne and smoked paprika.

Producer: Underground Meats
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