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Inspired by a passion to simplify complex recipes, Amar Singh aimed to create bold & flavorful, small batch products with an ethnic twist. Created on a foundation of regional Indian spice blends, inspired by his mother recipes, a variety of chiles and herbs plus the addition of ginger, garlic, and onion, his handcrafted seasonings will bring new culinary dimensions of flavor to your favorite recipes. Spicemode is based right here in Chicagoland! 


Sweet Chilifire: With the complexity of a dozen Indian spices and the punch of Mexican chiles, our Sweet Chilifire makes bland food a thing of the past. 

Smoky Tandoor: With cumin, paprika, garlic, onion, and chiles it’s about more than just Indian food: it’s an exciting combination of flavors meant to enliven any style of cooking.

Golden Curry: Golden Curry is about far more than dishes like curry chicken salad. It’s an exciting combination of flavors meant to elevate any style of cooking.

Savory Tikka: This multi-cultural fanfare of spice is as at home on stir fry as it is in traditional soups. With subtle citrus notes, earthy garlic flavor and the freshness of mint, our Savory Tikka spice represents the heart of what cooking is all about.

Hot Mirchi: This was developed using peppery notes, exotic herbs and garlic. It simply doesn’t get any more layered than this. Enhanced with our Mirchi spice blend, your dishes may just surprise you! 


Producer: Spicemode
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