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Tea from SenTeaMental Moods

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Senteamental start sby importing tea leaves that come from suppliers with excellent track records of fair treatment for all workers. Then, having forged a successful collaboration with local growers, they hand cut produce to create tasteful blends that include freshly dehydrated herbs, fruits, flowers and vegetables. All of their teas are handcrafted locally in small batches!

Producer: Tomato Mountain - Certified Organic
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Classic Earl (Black tea blend) ($10.00)
Water Colours (Fruit blend) ($10.00)
African Flowers (Roobios blend) ($10.00)
Lemon Ginger Cooler (Black and white tea blend) ($10.00)
After the Rain (Oolong tea blend) ($10.00)
Jasmine (Green tea blend) ($10.00)
Jump Over Puddles (Green tea blend) ($10.00)
Southern Comfort (Black tea blend) ($10.00)

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