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Whole Roasted Tomatoes

Fresh, ripe tomatoes are cut in half, dusted lightly with salt, then roasted and pureed to make this amazing sauce. It's the base of most of what we make, from salsas to pasta sauce. And with much less salt and much more flavor than typical canned tomatoes, it can become a staple in your kitchen as well. INGREDIENTS: Organic whole roasted tomatoes, salt 


Tomato Shallot Soup

We grow the tomatoes in this soup, using only the best tasting heirloom and red tomatoes. We also roast onions and shallots to bring out their full sweetness. This soup has a rich fulfilling flavor with less than half the salt of commercial brands. This is the best way to make great soup. Great served alone or with a grain such as rice, barley, or pasta. INGREDIENTS: Organic Tomatoes, Organic Onions, Organic Shallots, Organic Olive Oil, Kosher Salt, Organic Black Pepper.


Bloody Mary Mix

You guessed it - we grow the ingredients in this jar, too - fresh tomatoes, celery, garlic, a touch of jalapeno - and only one-third the salt of a typical Bloody Mary Mix. Our produce is organically grown on our Wisconsin farm and hand selected to ensure the highest quality and best flavor for a rich full-bodied Bloody Mary you can feel good about enjoying. INGREDIENTS: Organic Tomatoes, Organic Jalapenos, Organic Celery Leaf, Organic Garlic, Kosher Salt, Organic Black Pepper.

Producer: Tomato Mountain - Certified Organic
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