How to Hold Onto Summer Year-Round

Preserving herbs is a guaranteed way to have warm-weather flavors in the coldest of times. One of the best parts about going to the farmers market is strolling home with a fragrant bouquet of tender, organic, locally-grown herbs. They are…

Week 28, 2022

Tomatoes on everything, your new favorite summertime meal prep, and a reminder of why kombucha is so dang good and good for ya! Get all the good deets right here.

Tomato Flavor Chart

There’s a literal mountain of tomatoes in your box these days–we’ll help you sort out who’s who and what’s what. There’s nothing better than an organic, locally grown tomato. The farmers markets are full of them, your Tomato Mountain box…

Week 27, 2022

Make a smoothie! Stack a BLT! Chug some goat milk! We’ve got the hot deets on this and more, right here.

Turmeric Talk

Why it’s great to grate into just about everything you eat. You’re not likely to find this at the farmers’ market, but we’ve got it for you in your next Tomato Mountain CSA box! Turmeric is a flowering plant in…

Berries, Berries Everywhere

Everything you want to know about the fruits that are likely growing on your block. We’ve all been there before: you’re walking through your neighborhood on a glorious summer afternoon and you stumble upon a tree whose branches are drooping…

Week 26, 2022

It’s heatin’ up and the good stuff keeps on growing! We’re praising McCluskey beef, melting for Harvest Chocolate, and tossing together an incredibly satisfying grilled veggie salad. Get a taste right here.

Week 25, 2022

A quick, on-the-go meal with your box. A satisfying and healthy frozen dessert. A list of ways to love your lettuce. As always, you’ll find it right here.

Chocolate On My Mind

Ascend beyond your convenience store candy bar. You AND the Earth deserve it. Think about it: the cocoa beans in your chocolate are grown mainly by small farmers and travel from far, far away before becoming a melty smear in…