Locally sourced food takes a big bite out of your carbon footprint. So does switching to solar, so we figured you might be into that kind of thing and partnered with our friends at Arcadia. We give our excess solar to Arcadia, and any power we might need comes from Arcadia as well. It takes just 2 minutes to switch over, and once you do, Arcadia will give you $100 toward your power bill, and $100 into your Tomato Mountain account.

How It Works

Sign-up for Arcadia here. All you need is your power bill – homeowners and renters alike can participate!

Never pay extra – the Illinois community solar program is set up so you never pay more for shared solar than you would for power normally.

Keep your current utility provider. 

Get guaranteed savings of up to 10% on all of your power bills. 

Arcadia likes what we’re doing too, which is why they’re offering new and current Tomato Mountain members $100 toward your power bill and $100 to spend at Tomato Mountain when you join their solar program.

P.S. you can share this with your friends too! If you’re not a Tomato Mountaineer, use this link and you’ll still get $100 towards your power bill!

The fine print:

  • Sign up for Arcadia on or before March 7, 2022 11:59:59PM EST using the same email as your Tomato Mountain account.
  • You must be a current or prospective Tomato Mountain customer without an existing Arcadia account to be eligible for the $100 credit to your Tomato Mountain account.
  • After you sign up with Arcadia, you’ll receive $100 off your power bill (paid through Arcadia) and $100 to spend back at Tomato Mountain.