Chocolate On My Mind

Ascend beyond your convenience store candy bar. You AND the Earth deserve it.

Save yourself the trip to the chocolate factory–we’ve got the good stuff for ya!

Think about it: the cocoa beans in your chocolate are grown mainly by small farmers and travel from far, far away before becoming a melty smear in the corner of your mouth–it doesn’t make sense for your chocolate to be cheap. A lot of the big companies (we’re looking at you, Mars and NestlĂ©) not only knowingly source their chocolate from areas with confirmed use of child labor (read more here), they also dump a lot of additives into their sweets which are not good for your body. This information can make it hard to know where to put your dollars when a craving comes along, but luckily, we have two new solutions for you!

Say hello to Jitterbug Sweets and Harvest Chocolate!

Jitterbug Sweets are innovative confections made with premium ingredients. They have no preservatives or artificial coloring, are packaged in compostable cellophane, and are handmade in Chicago’s Wicker Park! We currently have three different Jitterbug offerings and we can guarantee that after you try one (or all), you’ll never want a Snickers bar again.

Harvest Chocolate, the delicious mind meld (mind melt?) of two Michelin-starred restaurant alums, is bean-to-bar chocolate made with organic ingredients and seasonally-sourced fresh cacao. Their ethical business practice is fair-trade and supports local farmers while also keeping everything 100% vegan and gluten-free. Their snacking chocolate is great for…well..snacking, but you can also toss it into baking projects for top-tier taste and texture. Their chocolate bars are creative, while still thoughtful, with flavors that will blow. your. mind.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present when it comes to treating yourself, especially when it feels just as good as it tastes.