A fresh + easy + free workplace wellness program

What is it?

We’ve got customizable boxes of farm fresh produce + artisan goodies to deliver to your Chicagoland workplace weekly. It’s not just fruit and veggies, we’ve got basically everything your employees need to live their best local life – eggs, milk, bread, cheese, meats, tofu, sweets, preserves, spices…you get the picture.

How does it work?

Each Friday, we send an email with a list of what’s fresh and amazing from our farm and our favorite farmers and local makers. Your employees have until that Saturday night to customize and add to their box. Then we deliver it the next week, on a day we agree to. You don’t need to lift a finger – we just need to know where to drop them off and collect the boxes from the previous week. We take care of all the details with your employees directly.

How do we benefit from this program?

You get to bring in a program your employees will love with extraordinarily little effort, and no expense. And, you’ll make your commitment to corporate sustainability visible to your peers. Your employees will get some of the highest quality food at some of the most reasonable prices possible. Workplace delivery makes it even more affordable for them.

Why Tomato Mountain?

  • Show your employees your commitment to their health, the environment, and the local economy! The fact is that the industrial food system causes serious damage to the earth, our communities, and our bodies. At Tomato Mountain, you can rest assured that our farmers and artisans have been extensively vetted to ensure their practices are healthy for our bodies, our communities, and the planet. 
  • We take the meaning “farm fresh” to the next level – this is as fresh as provisions get. This not only makes for tasty eating, it means you’re getting the highest quality, most nutrient-dense food available. 
  • It’s easy! We deliver 48 weeks per year, your employees can get just what they want and skip weeks whenever they’d like. 

Don’t want to host but want to tell your team about it anyway?

Share code MTNEER27 for free home delivery on the first box! Check out all the great stuff we’ve got to add to your box here, and all the awesome produce we’ve had here.

How can I get more information?

Email support@tomatomountain.com – we’ll happily answer all your questions, and talk it through together to see if this is a program that would be a good fit for you.