You, us, inflation, & how we shape the local economy together

Curious why most of our prices at the farm have remained the same? Our take on inflation and the local economy.
peeling back the layers

No use in ignoring it, inflation has arrived. According to the consumer price index, the cost of food is up 13% over the last 12 months (through September of 2022). Yet here at Tomato Mountain, the majority of our prices remain the same during this time period. How and why is that possible?


Simply put, in our world, when things change, we will change, too. And the fact of the matter is that many of our farm’s operation costs and a lot of the prices from our producer friends remain the same. As a result, the price of your produce remains steady. That said, as you may know, we did raise our delivery fee a few months ago by $2. Of course, the cost of gas has increased, but this adjustment was ultimately due to rising costs over the last couple years in the form of labor and health benefits as well. Labor costs are higher because the cost of living is higher, and we’re trying to do the right thing over here. That is the kind of business we want to run and we are grateful that is the kind of business you want to support. Why has the cost of living increased over the last few years? Inflation doesn’t happen overnight. This is how we accounted for it.


The local food economy simply is not run by the same folks that run the conventional food economy. It’s run by you and the farmers you know. We’re interested in providing the true cost of goods and services. Or, in other words, the cost of our produce is based on what it costs to produce. It is in our best interests and, in our opinion, in the best interest of a thriving economy, for the true cost of the good to be reflected in the price to consumers. It is our intention to continue to hold steady to these principles while maintaining our commitments to paying our farmers and team respectable wages, and to providing the very best sustainably grown produce at the lowest prices.


Want to support our mission to keep the local food economy thriving? Into prices staying honest? Same story, different season – next time your friends complain about the cost of milk, send them our way, have them tell us you sent them, and we’ll send you $11 (the cost of your weekly delivery) as our way of saying thanks for your help, and send them $11 to welcome them to Tomato Mountain.


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