It’s Fish in Your CSA!

Say hello and bon appetit to this delicious catch from Bay Port Fish Company. Not only have our friends at Jake’s Country Meats brought us excellent…well..meats, they’ve now also brought us (and you!) fish. More specifically: filleted, pin-boned, wild-caught, freshly…

Spinach Gnocchi

This winter spinach is practically glowing it’s so good for you. If you have any leaves left after your salads and snacking straight from the bag, we recommend whipping up this gnocchi. Partnered with the starchy goodness of potatoes, these…

Week 12, 2022

It is allllll about the turmeric this week. We’ll tell you why it’s good for you and give you a few colorful recipes to get more of it into your diet. Get gratin’ right here.

Week 11, 2022

How do you choose what oil to cook with? Is gnocchi really that easy to make? Where does my coffee subscription come from? We answer allllll your burning questions right here.

Week 7, 2022

It’s all about the body reset this week. We learn about the good parts of getting hungry, the cure-all capabilities of oxymel, and the juicy goodness of…well…juicing! Get that mouthwatering about it right here.

Week 5, 2022

We’re here to load you up on Vitamin D. We’ll get into the milky details of why it’s so good for you, we’ll shine a spotlight on our beloved milk vendor (hey Kilgus!), and we’ll teach you how to turn…

Week 4, 2022

For the love of beets! Love them, and let them love you and the ones you love. We’re using beets for crafts, beets for baking, and beets for the belly. Get all the beet deets here. Fruits: Avocados, grapefruit, lemons,…

Week 3, 2022

Fermenting for your health! Why is it good for you? What’s an at-home ferment you can make? Who is making the incredible new miso now available in your box? Find out right here. Fruits: Avocados, grapefruit, lemons, and Navel oranges from…

Week 2, 2022

Soup really is for the soul! This week we’re talkin’ veggie scrap stock, bone broth, and we’re cooking up a delicious soft tofu stew. Read allll about it right here! Fruits: Bosc pears from Ellis Family Farm. Apple assortment from…

Week 37

Metric coffee has arrived! Plus ever-bearing strawberries and an easy, homemade flatbread pizza. All the deets, right here.

How to store your farm fresh produce

Cold and moist - (32 degrees Farenheit, 90-95% relative humidity) - Most fruits (apples, berries, cherries, pears, grapes). Apples and pears will last 2-6 months, all else will last 1-2 weeks. Most veggies (asparagus, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, corn, endive, peas, rhubarb). Most veggies will last 1-4 weeks. Most root crops (beets, carrots, celery root, leeks, parsnips, potatoes, radishes, rutabaga).

Bottle the Sun

Here’s how to take our famous Sungolds and make our just-as-famous Sungold jam. As you may have noticed, the tomatoes are tumbling down the ol’ mountain. While our weekly Sneak Peek newsletter gives you oodles of ways to use them,…

How to Hold Onto Summer Year-Round

Preserving herbs is a guaranteed way to have warm-weather flavors in the coldest of times. One of the best parts about going to the farmers market is strolling home with a fragrant bouquet of tender, organic, locally-grown herbs. They are…

Week 28, 2022

Tomatoes on everything, your new favorite summertime meal prep, and a reminder of why kombucha is so dang good and good for ya! Get all the good deets right here.

Tomato Flavor Chart

There’s a literal mountain of tomatoes in your box these days–we’ll help you sort out who’s who and what’s what. There’s nothing better than an organic, locally grown tomato. The farmers markets are full of them, your Tomato Mountain box…

Turmeric Talk

Why it’s great to grate into just about everything you eat. You’re not likely to find this at the farmers’ market, but we’ve got it for you in your next Tomato Mountain CSA box! Turmeric is a flowering plant in…

Week 26, 2022

It’s heatin’ up and the good stuff keeps on growing! We’re praising McCluskey beef, melting for Harvest Chocolate, and tossing together an incredibly satisfying grilled veggie salad. Get a taste right here.

Week 25, 2022

A quick, on-the-go meal with your box. A satisfying and healthy frozen dessert. A list of ways to love your lettuce. As always, you’ll find it right here.

Week 24, 2022

We’re grilling (and chilling), we’re making a bonkers-good pasta salad, and we’re rewarding ourselves with decadent desserts from a new vendor. You too can treat yourself, right here.