Week 23, 2022

Komatsuna and bok choy bounty, incredible salmon incoming, and a sensational strawberry salmon salad for summertime satisfaction. It’s all right here, folks.

Week 22, 2022

Make-your-own cold brew coffee, assemble your own Niçoise salad, and bake (and eat!) your own strawberry rhubarb pie. In that order. Right here.

Week 21, 2022

The rhubarb and the strawberries are here! So is a summer veggie tofu stir fry! And lots of fun tofu treats in general! Heat up that stove and get hungry for what’s right here.

Week 20, 2022

Which lettuce is which? How can you use your box for a memorable Memorial Day grill-out? Can you load up on carrots? We’ve got the answers right here.

Week 19, 2022

We are playing in a ball pit of tomatoes, we are sippin’ on springy parsnip soup, and we are making flatbreads like they’re goin’ out of style (they’re not). Join us in the excitement right here.

You’re Just A Few Drops From Salvation

There’s an oxymel for all that ails you, and we’ve got the cure. Translated from the Greek oxymeli (“acid” and “honey”), oxymel is an herbal elixir with references that date back as far as Hippocrates in 400 BCE. Made with…

Week 18, 2022

It’s all about the springtime bounty this week! We’ve got recipes galore for ramps, tips on making a stellar snacking board, and a feature from Amanda McLemore of Baguette & Butter. Read all about it right here!

Week 17, 2022

Learn about our new fave flaves of olive oil, confit these incredible early tomatoes, and sub some gorgeous chives into Chinese scallion pancakes.

Hot Take On Oils

The temperature’s rising…who you gonna reach for? If you’re cooking without a fat, you’re doing it wrong, because there are oodles of nutrients in veggies that our bodies cannot absorb without a little help from our fatty friends. But with…

Week 16, 2022

It’s May Day! That means it’s finally May, and we have a whole heck of a lot to celebrate. Learn the history of the holiday, whip up a spring-a-lingy snack, and get ready to become a native wildflower expert…sorta. It’s…

There Can Be No Earth Day Without Bees

If you didn’t know, you’re about to know. The vast majority of wild plants (90%) and crops (75%) depend on pollination, which means that without these sweet little buzzers, things would be a lot less green, and our plates would…

Week 14, 2022

If you couldn’t already tell, we are totally intoxicated by the flour power going on over at Brian Severson Farms. Learn about why their grains are so darn good, and bake yourself a pretty little loaf. It’s all right here.

Flour Power

The goodness/greatness of Brian Severson Farms: organic grains grown and milled locally. All of the flours and grains available in your weekly CSA box come from right outside Dwight, IL–just about 80 miles southwest of Chicago. That’s the location of…

It’s Fish in Your CSA!

Say hello and bon appetit to this delicious catch from Bay Port Fish Company. Not only have our friends at Jake’s Country Meats brought us excellent…well..meats, they’ve now also brought us (and you!) fish. More specifically: filleted, pin-boned, wild-caught, freshly…

Spinach Gnocchi

This winter spinach is practically glowing it’s so good for you. If you have any leaves left after your salads and snacking straight from the bag, we recommend whipping up this gnocchi. Partnered with the starchy goodness of potatoes, these…

Week 12, 2022

It is allllll about the turmeric this week. We’ll tell you why it’s good for you and give you a few colorful recipes to get more of it into your diet. Get gratin’ right here.

Week 11, 2022

How do you choose what oil to cook with? Is gnocchi really that easy to make? Where does my coffee subscription come from? We answer allllll your burning questions right here.

Week 10, 2022

Tofu is the talk of the town! We get an in-depth look at beloved local producer Phoenix Bean, we get creative with some of their most special offerings, and we make a superfast super tasty tofu puff snack. Bite into…

Week 9, 2022

We’re cheering on your squash consumption, we’re putting sprouts on literally everything, and we’ve got a root veggie curry that’ll keep you warm and snuggly through the last of the chill. Get cookin’ right here.