Soft Tofu Stew

You’ve been saving and freezing your veggie scraps. You’ve made your veggie stock. Now, it’s time to make a delicious stew that will spice up your life and load you up with nutrients. This is by no means a traditional recipe for soondubu jiggae, but good gosh is it tasty!

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Soft Tofu Stew (soondubu jiggae)

Savory, satisfying, stew of your dreams.
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Asian, Korean
Keyword: Gourmet Life, Kitchen Sink
Dietary Need: Dairy-Free, Vegetarian



  • Heat a few sloshes of sunflower oil in a stockpot, then add in your onions and the white parts of your scallions.
  • Once onions and scallions have softened, add your gochujang and garlic, then stir for a few minutes before tumbling in your carrots and kimchi/kimchi liquid.
  • Glug in your veggie stock along with the shoyu, then season with salt and pepper and bring everything to a boil.
  • Once carrots have softened, add in your soft tofu and a few spoonfuls of chili crisp, letting the tofu heat up and soak in the soupy goodness.
  • Spoon servings into bowls, then top with green scallions and more chili crisp if you're wild like that. Heck, add an egg why don't ya!