Tomato Flavor Chart

There’s a literal mountain of tomatoes in your box these days–we’ll help you sort out who’s who and what’s what.

There’s nothing better than an organic, locally grown tomato. The farmers markets are full of them, your Tomato Mountain box is full of them, and you want to make the most of every glowing globe. Well, the good thing about knowing your farmer (us) is that we will help you get to know your food. Let’s get into the flavor profiles of each of these juicy beauties.

Purple Bumblebee

Quick acidity melts into the creamy, dreamy essence of summer tomato. A great candidate for pan con tomate.

Mountain Magic

Hearty, with a touch of acidity and lots of rich sweetness. Slice these upon every sandwich in sight.


Clean and juicy when fresh, the essence of tomato sauce when cooked down. Get ready to make your best puttanesca ever.


A golden medallion of true tomato-ness. You can do literally anything with these tomatoes if you’re able to stop yourself before popping them all into your mouth.

Pink Tiger

Bright acidity and a savory backbone. This tomato is great for numerous applications. Try it poached for both flavor and color preservation.


Fruity, almost tropically so! These bashful beauties would make a perfect pair to peaches in a salad or would shine when concentrated down into a tomato jam.