Week 1, 2022

It’s alll about the bread this week, with a focus on sourdough 101, activated yeast breads, and quick breads. Check out the full spread here.

Fruits: Bosc pears from Ellis Family Farm. Grapefruits and oranges from Ed James (Florida) via Springdale Farm. Cameo and honeycrisp apples from Klug.

Roots, Veg, & Greens: Blue potatoes and garlic from Driftless Organics. Cremini mushrooms from River Valley Ranch. Red beets and gold & red potatoes from Fifth Season and Springdale. Green & red cabbage from Angelic Organics. Red onions from Springdale. Yellow onions from Wild Coyote. White onions from Fifth Season and shallots & sweet potatoes from Farmer Levi. Spinach from our farm.

Squash: Carnival & butternut from Springdale and Fifth Season. Spaghetti from Fifth Season. Tetsukabuto from Three Sisters Farm via Fifth Season.

Featured Items: Immunichi, blueberry jam, and potato & leek soup from Bushel & Peck’s. ‘Nduja from Underground Meats. 5 year sharp cheddar from Hook’s. Pancake mix from Severson. Savory Tikka spice blend from Spicemode. Sunflower oil from Driftless Organics. Honey sugar scrub from Chicago Honey Co-op.