Week 12, 2022

It is allllll about the turmeric this week. We’ll tell you why it’s good for you and give you a few colorful recipes to get more of it into your diet. Get gratin’ right here.

Fruits: Apple cider from Mick Klug. Fresh blueberry raisins and frozen blueberries from Joe’s Blues.

Roots, Veg, & Greens: Beauty Heart & Black Spanish radishes, blue & red potatoes, celery root, and green & purple daikon from Driftless Organics. Yellow onions and white & gold potatoes from New Traditions via Fifth Season. Cremini & portabella mushrooms from River Valley Ranch. Red beets and Farmer Levi’s shallots from Fifth Season. Turmeric from Yogi Hari’s Ashram. Spicy mix microgreens from Wild Coyote. Carrots and spinach from our farm.

Squash: Sweet dumpling from Fifth Season. Spaghetti from Southwest Produce.

Featured Items: Falltum from Door County Creamery. Tomato jam from Bushel & Peck’s. Poblano mustard from Co-op Sauce. Garlic radiatori from Dalla Terra. TOSA spice blend from Lemaster Family Kitchen. Pork hotdogs from Jake’s Country Meats. Buckwheat flour from Brian Severson Farms. Dryer balls from Sylvan Meadows Farm.