Week 16, 2022

It’s May Day! That means it’s finally May, and we have a whole heck of a lot to celebrate. Learn the history of the holiday, whip up a spring-a-lingy snack, and get ready to become a native wildflower expert…sorta. It’s all right here.

Fruits: Cherry tomatoes from Scenic Ridge & Back Ridge Farms via Fifth Season. Fresh blueberry raisins and frozen blueberries from Joe’s Blues. Frozen aronia berries from Bellbrook Berry Farm.

Roots, Veg, & Greens: Black Spanish radishes, blue & red & yellow potatoes, celery root, freshly harvested parsnips, and purple daikon from Driftless Organics. Cremini & portabella mushrooms from River Valley Ranch. Turmeric from Yogi Hari’s Ashram. Carrots and spinach from our farm. Chives and garlic chives from Smits.

Squash: Kabocha and spaghetti from Southwest Produce.

Featured Items: Center-cut pork chops from Jake’s Country Meats. Red sauce and raspberry jam from Bushel & Peck’s. Cherry bomb hot sauce from River Valley Ranch. Spinach garlic tagliatelle from Dalla Terra. Chevre from Door County Creamery. Rice vinegar from Keepwell. Raspberry kombucha from ARIZE.