Week 2, 2022

Soup really is for the soul! This week we’re talkin’ veggie scrap stock, bone broth, and we’re cooking up a delicious soft tofu stew. Read allll about it right here!

Fruits: Bosc pears from Ellis Family Farm. Apple assortment from Ellis and Klug. Fresh blueberry raisins from Joe’s Blues.

Roots, Veg, & Greens: Dried black beans, blue potatoes, Beauty Heart radishes, parsnips, purple daikon, and garlic from Driftless Organics. Cremini mushrooms from River Valley Ranch. Red beets from Springdale. Gold, red, sweet & purple potatoes from Springdale and Fifth Season. Red cabbage from Driftless and Angelic Organics. Red, yellow, & white onions from Springdale, Wild Coyote, and Fifth Season. Shallots from Farmer Levi. Carrots and spinach from our farm.

Squash: Butternut & spaghetti from Fifth Season. Carnival from Fifth Season and Springdale. Tetsukabuto from Three Sisters via Springdale.

Featured Items: Blueberry vinegar from Joe’s Blues. Shoyu from Co-op Sauce. Jasmine tea from SenTEAmental Moods. Lamb kabob meat from Sylvan Meadows. Kimchi from Bushel & Peck’s. Organic mozzarella from McCluskey Bros. Roasted beef bones from Murph’s. Veggies & herbs pasta from Dalla Terra.