Week 29, 2022

We’re drying herbs, grilling fish, and putting fruit in all of our salads. Learn how to do it too, right here.

Fruits: Blueberries and blueberry raisins from Joe’s Blues. Frozen aronia berries from Bellbrook Berry Farm. Peaches and plums from Klug. Red slicers, sungolds, tomato medley, and Verona tomatoes from our farm.

Greens: Bok choy, Komatsuna, Lacinato kale, and lettuce mix from our farm.

Herbs: Dill, chives, flat parsley, garlic chives, mint, and oregano from Smits. Basil and dried lavender sachets from our farm.

Roots &Veg: Chioggia & red beets and garlic scapes from Southwest Produce. Cremini and portabella mushrooms from River Valley Ranch. Red & white potatoes from Don and Mary. Sweet corn from Skelly’s. Carrots, eggplant, garlic, red & white onions, shishito peppers, summer squash, and zucchini from our farm.

Planters from our farm: Lavender, rosemary, and thyme.

Featured Items: Whole chickens from Avrom. Immunichi from Bushel & Peck’s. Plain chevre from Door County Creamery. Raspberry kombucha from ARIZE. Smoked cheddar from Nordic Creamery. Staycation treat from Jitterbug Sweets. Summer sausage from McCluskey Bros. White peach balsamic from Twisted Olive.