Week 3, 2022

Fermenting for your health! Why is it good for you? What’s an at-home ferment you can make? Who is making the incredible new miso now available in your box? Find out right here.

Fruits: Avocados, grapefruit, lemons, and Navel orangesĀ from The Fruit Guys. Bosc pears from Ellis Family Farm
Cameo & Honeycrisp apples from Ellis & Klug. Fresh blueberry raisins from Joe’s Blues (keep refrigerated)

Roots, Veg, & Greens: Pea shoots from American Pride Microfarm. Dried black beans, blue potatoes, Beauty Heart & Black Spanish radishes, parsnips, green & purple daikon, and garlic from Driftless Organics. Cremini & portabella mushrooms from River Valley Ranch. Gold & red beets from Fifth Season. Red cabbage from Driftless & Angelic Organics. Red onions and red & purple potatoes from Springdale. Shallots & sweet potatoes from Farmer Levi via Fifth Season. Carrots from our farm.

Squash: Butternut & spaghetti from Fifth Season. Carnival from Fifth Season and Springdale.

Featured Items: Blueberry kombucha from ARIZE. GoGo gochujang and The Barrel hot sauce from Co-op Sauce. Dark chocolate from Tuanis. Spanish chorizo from Underground Meats. Curtido from Bushel & Peck’s. Organic Monterey jack cheese from McCluskey Bros. Taste of South Asia (TOSA) spice blend from LFK. Frozen cranberries from Ellis Family Farms.