Week 32, 2022

Fried red tomatoes and herbs for your bath. Learn more, right here.

Tomatoes: Red slicers (Bolsenos), Sungolds, Tomato medley and
Verona tomatoes from our farm.

Fruits: Blueberries, Plums and Somerset grapes from Klug
Frozen aronia berries from Bellbrook Berry Farm
Peaches (Red Haven) from mostly Seedling and some Klug.

Greens: Lacinato kale, Lettuce head mix (romaine, Verigo & red heads) and
Lettuce mix from our farm.

Peppers: Cayenne peppers (hot), Fresno peppers (hot), Green peppers, Habaneros, Shishito peppers (1 in 10 is hot), Super sweet peppers (Aura & Carmens) from our farm.

Roots and Veg: Chioggia beets and green beans from Southwest produce,
cremini and portabella mushrooms from River Valley Ranch.
Eggplant, new red and white onions, zucchini and garlic from our farm.
New red and white potatoes from Don and Mary. Sweet corn from Skelly’s.

Planters from our farm: Basil, rosemary and thyme.

Featured items: Dog treats (meal mixers) from Prairie Wolf, Center-cut pork chops from Jake’s, Eazy brew cold coffee from Gaslight, Frozen shredded hashbrowns from Sno Pac, Garden rainbow fusilli from Dalla Terra, Mild goat cheddar from Nordic Creamery, Peach raspberry jam from Bushel and Pecks, Whitefish from Jake’s, Wisco old fashioned salami from Underground Meats, Whole chicken from Avrom Farm.