Week 33, 2022

Snack ideas, end of summer bolognese and spicy drinks. Learn more, right here.

Last week or so of Tomatoes: Red slicers (Bolsenos), Sungolds, tomato medley and verona tomatoes from our farm.

Fruits: Frozen aronia berries from Bellbrook Berry Farm.
Peaches, plums and grapes from Klug.

Greens: Collard greens from Driftless, lacinato kale,
lettuce head mix (all sorts) and lettuce mix from our farm.

Peppers: Cayennes (hot), Fresnos (hot), Habaneros (sweet & hot), Highlander Anaheims (mild), Shishito peppers (1 in 10 is hot) and Super sweet peppers (Aura & Carmens) from our farm.

Roots and Veg: Chioggia beets, green beans, leeks and sweet onions from Southwest produce. Cremini and portabella mushrooms from River Valley Ranch.
Eggplant from our farm and Driftless. New red and white¬†onions from our farm. New red and white potatoes from Don and Mary. Sweet corn from Skelly’s.
Zucchini and summer squash mix from our farm and Wild Coyote.

Herbs: Basil, dill, chives, flat parsley, garlic chives, mint and oregano from Smits. Lavender (dried) sachets from our farm.

Planters: Basil, lavender, lettuce, parsley, rosemary and thyme from our farm.

Featured items: Cherry crisp chocolate bar from Jitterbug Sweets. Dog treats (freeze-dried chicken hearts and livers) from Prairie Wolf. Honey sugar body scrub from Chicago Honey Co-op. Italian Sausage from the Curious Farmer (still dolling out the hog). Mushroom Sage Tagliatelle from Dalla Terra. Farmhouse goat brick from Door County Creamery. Peanut butter from NutMeg’s. Spanish chorizo salami from Underground Meats. Spinach & artichoke dip from River Valley Ranch. Strawberry jam from Bushel and Pecks. Sweet Chilifire spice from Spicemode. Whitefish from Jake’s.