Week 5, 2022

We’re here to load you up on Vitamin D. We’ll get into the milky details of why it’s so good for you, we’ll shine a spotlight on our beloved milk vendor (hey Kilgus!), and we’ll teach you how to turn the miracle of goat’s milk into the drizzly dream miracle of cajeta. Pour yourself the details right here.

Fruits: Grapefruit, lemons, and Navel orangesĀ from The Fruit Guys. Frozen aronia berries from Bellbrook Berry Farm. Honeycrisp apples from Ellis & Klug. Fresh blueberry raisins from Joe’s Blues.

Roots, Veg, & Greens: Beauty Heart & Black Spanish radishes, blue potatoes, Chioggia beets, green & purple daikon, and parsnips from Driftless Organics. Red cabbage from Driftless and Angelic Organics. Cremini & portabella mushrooms from River Valley Ranch. Gold & red beets, Farmer Levi’s shallots, and purple top turnips from Fifth Season. Red, gold & purple potatoes and red & yellow onions from Springdale. Carrots and spinach from our farm.

Squash: Sweet dumpling from Fifth Season.

Featured Items: Chorizo from Finn’s Ranch. Frozen tart cherries from Mick Klug. Holiday spice blend from Lemaster Family Kitchen. Pork dog treats from Avrom. Salted butter from Nordic Creamery. Tealights from Chicago Honey Co-op. Tomato basil soup from Bushel & Peck’s. Worcestershire from Keepwell.