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From the farm to your doorstep

Feeling blue? These always cheer us up.

Welcome to Tomato Mountain! 

We operate a home-delivery CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program in the Chicagoland area. We’re not your average CSA – not only do you receive the highest quality organic produce from our farm, we also curate a seasonal assortment of fruits and vegetables from local, sustainable farms that we know and trust.  Your subscription allows us to be the best planners, and therefore the best farmers we can be. In return, you receive a weekly box of the freshest seasonal produce available – all delivered to your doorstep each week. 

The produce available will change with the seasons. When you Sign Up for one of four weekly box sizes, you will have the opportunity to set your preferences in order to receive a box customized to your tastes. Your membership also includes access to our Farmers’ Pantry, an amazing selection of additional fruits and vegetables each week, and other pantry staples like milk, flour, eggs, meats, cheese, tofu, spices, teas, jams and preserves, even chocolate! We’ll send you an email to view the contents of your box each week and from there you can customize it, and add anything you like from our store.  

Not sure what to expect? Here’s a list of some crops that are local to us!

How Do Deliveries Work?

Loading up at the farm during snowfall

We deliver 48 weeks per year, from mid-January through mid-December.

Please check out our home delivery zones to see what day you will receive your delivery. We deliver between 10am and 7pm on Wednesdays through Fridays, and between 7am and 3pm on Saturdays. We will text shortly before arrival.

We deliver to all sorts of residences from houses to doorman buildings to apartments with locked gates and vestibules. Think of our delivery along the lines of the milkman of yesteryear. You do not need to be home for delivery. Just let us know your delivery details for any given situation when you checkout.

We ask that you leave a cooler out (with an ice pack during warmer months) for us to leave the contents of your box in. This keeps your produce fresh, the critters out and allows us to reuse the box without you having to store it and remember to set it out the next week. This is just one way that Tomato Mountain’s commitment to the sustainable use of land is put into innovative everyday practice.

Need to Skip a Box? No problem! We offer three options – you can donate your box, skip your box or request it be delivered to another address within our delivery zones. See our FAQs for more information.

What Does It Cost?

Have we mentioned we grow the most amazing tomatoes?

We do things a little differently.

Whereas a traditional CSA requires you to pay upfront by the year or season, we strive to make organic local food accessible to everyone. Members are billed each week for their enrolled share size plus any extras they’ve added. It’s as simple as that. Change share size, skip a week or cancel anytime. See our FAQs for more information.

Our boxes range in cost from $16 to $54 per week plus a standard delivery fee of $9. Transportation is one of the more costly aspects of the food system. The delivery fee helps to cover trucking to and from the farm, vehicle maintenance, fuel, and paying drivers a living wage. Plus, our home delivery saves you time and effort, keeps produce in the best condition possible, and reduces the carbon footprint of produce delivery. It takes less energy and time for one person to deliver to 50 locations than it takes 50 people to drive to a pickup location. Nobody drives to pickup packages at UPS for a reason.