Tomato Mountain Farm

Home Delivery Zones


We figure how to deliver your share based on your zone. Zone A encompasses most of Chicago, Zone B encompasses the outer areas of Chicago and some neighboring suburbs, and Zone C serves most suburbs. 


Zone A

encompasses most of Chicago, delivers from Wednesday nights through early Thursday mornings. 

Zone B

encompasses the remaining areas of Chicago, and some suburbs, delivers from Thursday nights through early Friday mornings.

Zone C

serves the surrounding suburbs, delivers from Thursday nights through early Friday mornings, and incurs an additional fee of $14.33/month


If you'd like to be present for your delivery, please opt for Primetime, wherein we deliver between 3PM and 10PM on Thursdays. There is an additional fee of $14.33/month for Primetime delivery, and it is only available for Zone A and some Zone B customers. 



This map outlines the delivery days and times for our home deliveries. Use the arrows and + sign to zoom in on your vicinity. Please contact us if you have any questions about where you fall on the map. Most standard deliveries will be made before 5am.


View Zone Boundary Map in a larger map



Why home delivery?

We focus on direct home delivery for several reasons: 

Our home delivery saves you time and effort, keeps produce in the best condition possible, and reduces the carbon footprint of produce delivery. It takes less energy and time for one person to deliver to 50 locations than it takes 50 people to drive to a pick up location. Nobody drives to pick up packages at UPS for a reason.

We deliver to all sorts of residences from houses to doorman buildings to apartments with locked gates and vestibules. Our regular delivery routes are at night, when there is less traffic, so we get your box to you most efficiently. Chicago doesn’t need more cars on the road during rush hour! Think of our delivery along the lines of the milkman of yesteryear. Upon arrival, we’ll leave your box wherever you want it, or better yet, repack your produce into a cooler you leave out for us (maintains freshness and keeps produce safe from critters). You do not need to be home for delivery. We work to sort out delivery details for any situation.

If you need or want to be home for delivery, we offer a “Prime Time” option for a small surcharge. While it does take longer to reach you during high traffic hours, some folks prefer to be home and awake when their box arrives, or they may have a situation that makes night time deliveries impractical or impossible.  The bottom line is that we’re committed to delivering in a way that meets your needs, while being as practical and efficient as possible.